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Are you looking for some seed beads to start your bead-work? 
Well, we have the original MIYUKI seed beads in store! It is the original MIYUKI seed beads from japan. Not the MGB seed beads re-packed into a plastic printed "MIYUKI". Yeah, we have one particular shop doing that in Malaysia. As the result, customers thought that MIYUKI and MGB is the same. No, they definitely not the same, hence the quality. You can refer to these:

MIYUKI japan official website:

MGB official website:

Hope this help! Don't get confused again folks!

Are you looking for faux pearls?
OMG!!! You've come to the right place! We have ABS Pearls for your supply! Come grab some from us. We offer the most brilliant color in the world! Not interested in our ABS Pearls? Why don't you spare sometime looking at our TOHO Pearl? They are indescribably shining! 

What's next. Are you looking for Sew-On Acrylic crystals?
What a coincident! We have tons of it in store! Come browse our Sew-On Acrylic Crystals!

Sequins Sequins Sequins! Ooohh..!! You are looking for colorful sequins?
Come here! We have dozens of sequins shape waiting for you and of course a set of colourful collection!

Looking for eye-catching glass beads?
We have some in our collection! Take your time browsing around our Glass Beads collection and get yourself indulged in the beautiful of the beads' color and shine. 

Tools! Need some beading tools?
Yeah, our small catalogs include beading tools too! Come grab some for your need!

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